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Will My Partner Find Value in a Doula?

When your baby, after nine long months of inhabiting your vessel, sharing your mind, body, and soul with you, enters the threshold on this side, your entire life changes in that vulnerable moment. It is in this sacred moment I have taken on a guardian role. The "overseer" to protect mother, baby and father. Thee Holy Trinity. The partner's role in labor is to support, protect, advocate, heal, fully enjoy, and be present in the birthing experience with the expecting person. A birth doula attending the birth does not take away from the partner's responsibilities. Instead it further allows for the full experience of the birth, not distracted or burdened by stress, anxiety, pressure or worry.

Usefulness of a doula's value to an expecting family, stretches beyond the mother and baby, and to the father, other family members and friends. The doula upholds the beauty of the birthing experience by maintaining a comfortable-peace-relaxation cycle for the mother and ensuring the partner's needs are met so they are able to continue support for the expecting person. It may be as simple as asking the partner if they would like to rest, if they need to rest, or take some time to eat and re-fuel. When the partner is able to be present in the moment and relax, it enables a better opportunity for connection and to actively take part in the role of the birth confidently. For the partner to engage in the sacred moment along with the guidance of the doula.


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