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El Priestess di Doula

EP in Birth Work

when supporting Mamas and families through their transformative labor/delivery process, i honor the beauty the elegance and the sacredness of receiving a nu bundle of joy on this earth realm.

Mission Statement

Uphold the di EP three pillars of beauty, elegance, and sacredness in birth work.

Beauty: how the birth setting is perceived, ideal birth goal

Elegance: the raw, natural laboring process

Sacredness: preferences in birth, nuborn care, postpartum


The Vision

community based wellness, healing, enlightenment via birth work

My Birthwork Offerings

Intentions with all supported births are:

-to encourage Mama to be her free, raw, quiet, loud, authentic self during

labor and delivery however that may be

-remain professional while providing support

-assist with identifying labor patterns

-provide evidence- based resources 

-take sufficient notes

-act as the guardian of mama and baby"overseer"

-build trust

-remain dependable

-trust the synergy and be di doula

-attend hospital, birth center, and homebirths

Certified Doula (DONA)

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